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Founding Spirit of the Japan Hotel School

As our world becomes increasingly international and the human living environment improves, people’s desires and aspirations will continue to rise. Seeking to achieve an ideal human living environment, the hotel industry continues to develop beyond its former role of simply providing lodging and dining services as it grows into an international industry that provides emotional and material value in relation to all aspects of life.

Having developed an environment for theoretical and practical education based on the abundance of human nature, the Japan Hotel School cultivates outstanding hotel personnel who are equipped with practical skills and current knowledge in this future-oriented industry, prepared to become middle management and executives in the near future. Our policy is to cultivate the dreams and passion of young people preparing for the future by training-up human resources who can become internationally-competent future leaders.

The Japan Hotel School is a vocational school that was established according to the spirit of the Act on Development of Hotels for Inbound Tourists. It was started as the only professional education institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (now the Japan Tourism Agency). For meaningful learning, our students are asked to keep the following points in mind in order to live by the school’s founding spirit.

Six Tenets

  1. Aim to become a top-notch hotel employee with a global perspective
  2. Always respect proper etiquette, act from an attitude of sincerity, and seek to strengthen your convictions and improve your knowledge as an industry professional
  3. Be aware of your future role as a leader in the hotel and bridal industry
  4. Cherish interpersonal relationships and cultivate a spirit of cooperation with others
  5. Through your study and work, pursue self-improvement and make a positive contribution to society at large
  6. Uphold our school’s reputation and honor and promote its traditions altogethe

Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is based on the discernment and mastery of “hospitality”.

The educational philosophy of the Japan Hotel School is to cultivate human resources who act on the basis of the spirit of “hospitality”, internationally-competent, and are capable of becoming new leaders in the future. Our mission is to train industry personnel who can “consider other people’s feelings”, “know how to respond and adapt flexibly based on the situation”, and maintain “a professional appearance and manners”, in addition to showing outstanding academic performance and physical capabilities.

Five Educational Principles

  • Training personnel with respect to civility and courtesy
  • Learning the spirit of hospitality and putting it into practice
  • Integrating theory and practice in the creation of services
  • Training personnel based on an international perspective
  • Training personnel who can make a positive contribution to society at large