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Application Guidelines (For Foreign Students)

The Japan Hotel School is the gateway to the happiness of customers and guests.

Regardless of whether the location is a hotel lobby, restaurant or bar, or a chapel, ceremonial hall or reception hall, it is the personnel in places at venues like the above who have learnt exactly how to ensure the provision of an excellent level service that are ultimately responsible for the creation of truly splendid hospitality and a fulfilling experience. The Japan Hotel School is a vocational training college that offers specialized hotel training to hospitality staff in thereby enabling them to reach that level of professionalism. For over forty years now we have been educating large numbers of talented personnel who have then gone onto successful careers in the hotel and bridal industries.

Courses/Duration/Student Quota (For Foreign Students)

Department/Courses Course Duration Enrollment Date
Daytime Course Department of International Hotel Management Hotel Course Two years April 2021
English Course
Bridal Course

* All students that have completed the daytime course graduate with a specialist degree in Hotel Management (Senmonshi Diploma).

Entrant Selection Schedule

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Entrant Selection Procedure

Admission Requirements Academic Background As a general rule applicants must have completed more than twelve years of schooling in their home country. All applicants from countries (regions) with an educational system that allows for less than twelve years of schooling must have completed or be about to complete a Japan-based preparatory educational program.
* Please note that foreign nationals in possession of valid residential status (permanent resident, long term resident, dependent, spouse, etc.) who have graduated or are about to graduate from a Japanese high school are not eligible to sit the entrance examination as a foreign student.
Japanese Language Proficiency All applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

Have graduated or expect to graduate from a Japanese language school that they attended for a period of more than 6 months and that has been certified by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. Have passed Level N2 or higher of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Have a score of 200 or higher in “Japanese” in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Have a score of 400 or higher in the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test.
Guarantor All applicants are required to have a guarantor. Please ensure you have a personal guarantor as a ‘collective liability’ guarantor in relation to the payment of your school fees over the two-year period of your enrollment. The guarantor can be either a Japanese person or a foreign national but must be in steady employment.
Laws & School Regulations 1. All applicants must abide by the Immigration Law, all other Japanese laws, and the school’s regulations while a foreign student in Japan.
2.All applicants are not allowed to work part-time for more than 28 hours a week. Those who are enrolled in Japanese Language school, part-time jobs of up to 40 hours are allowed per week during the long vacation period. *Only for Visa Status “Student”
3.All applicants must agree to the obligation to participate in the overseas study tour held in the 1st and 2nd year.
4.All applicants should not have a tattoo on the body.
Selection Procedure All applicants must sit an entrance screening examination that has been specifically designed for foreign students. Interview (Approx. 20 minutes)
■Students will be questioned on their competency in terms of being service provision personnel in the tourism industry, as well as their attitude to and enthusiasm for study.
■All applicants will also be assessed on whether their level of Japanese language proficiency is at a level that enables them to undertake classes with Japanese students.
Written Japanese Examination (40 minutes)
■This examination features questions similar to those found in Level N2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. * In addition to the above-mentioned examinations applicants wishing to enroll in the English Course must also sit a English examination(writing and listening).
Selection Fee 20,000 yen
Applicants Wishing to Apply to More Than One School Supported
Application Documents Admission Application Form (school prescribed document) x 1
The Below Certificates as Evidence of Japanese Language Proficiency
■Applicants currently attending or who have graduated from a Japanese language school・・・Academic Transcript and Certificate of Attendance x 1 of each document
■Applicants who have not attended a Japanese language school
One of the following
・A copy of the Japanese Language Proficiency Certificate (Level N2 or higher)
・A copy of the Score Report on the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (A score of 200 or higher for Japanese)
・A copy of the score certificate for the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test (score of 400 or higher) 1 color photograph (length: 4cm x width: 3cm) (Attach to Admission Application Form)
Application Submission Precautions When submitting your application please ensure all the required documents are included together with the selection fee.
Please note that the documents submitted and the selection fee are not returnable.
Only applications submitted to the school in person will be accepted. Applicants wishing to submit their application by post should make sure to first discuss the details with the school.
Application Acceptance Period October 1, 2020 – March 1, 2021
Monday – Friday: 9:30am – 7:00pm (Saturdays: until 5:00pm)
Announcement of Application Results Examinees will be personally notified by post, etc. of the status of their application on the results announcement date, and regardless of whether having passed or failed. Telephone inquiries about results will not be accepted. Please refer to the Entrance Selection Schedule.
Admission Procedure Successful applicants will be advised of the admission procedure when their letter of acceptance is sent out, but please find the documents, etc. required for admission listed below.

1. Admission Fee (enrollment fee/first year first semester tuition fee/maintenance fee) & Student Comprehensive Insurance

2. Promissory Letter

3. Certificate (original) or diploma (original/copy) issued by the highest educational facility the applicant graduated from in their home country (please ensure you bring both the original and a copy of the graduation certificate with you at the time of submission as they will need to be verified) ※ If both the graduation certificate and diploma were issued in your native language please ensure you also have Japanese translations. Certificates in English are accepted without any need for translation.

4. Certificate of Completion OR Certificate of Expected Completion OR Certificate of Enrollment issued by a Japanese language school

5. A copy of the applicant’s passport (including page with photograph)

6. A copy of the applicant’s Residence Card (front & back)

* Please note that all enrollments are subject to cancellation in the event that any obstacles to Japanese law are encountered, and even if the applicant is in the process of applying for residency status (visa) or has already received an appropriate visa.

School Fees

Year 1 Spring Semester Fall Semester
Entrance Fee ¥100,000
Tuition ¥636,000 ¥636,000
Maintenance Fee ¥220,000
Semester Total ¥956,000 ¥636,000
Due Date Same as entrance
procedures deadline
Total Year 1 Payment : ¥1,592,000
Year 2 Spring Semester Fall Semester
Entrance Fee
Tuition ¥642,000 ¥642,000
Maintenance Fee ¥220,000
Semester Total ¥862,000 ¥642,000
Due Date 2/28 8/31
Total Year 2 Payment: ¥1,504,000

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外国人留学生対象 入学案内書