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History and Goals

In 1971 the committee of opening The Prince Hotel School was established within the head quarter of the Prince Hotel Inc. and then in 1972 The Japan Hotel School began as The Prince Hotel School.

In 1976, The Japan Education Centre for the Hotel Industry was established with the permission of the Ministry of Transportation for the purpose of supporting the development of the hospitality industry in Japan. To achieve this end, the Centre took over The Prince Hotel School and changed the name to The Japan Hotel School in that same year.

In 1987 the part of The Japan Hotel School among activities of the Centre was authorized by the Ministry of Education in accordance with the guidelines of Education Law.

In April 1st 2009, the Japan Hotel School was donated by the Centre to the school foundation called as ‘Japan Hotel Gakuin’ which was newly established with the approval of Tokyo Metropolitan Government in accordance with the guidelines of Education Law Japan, and became legally independent from the Centre.