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Overseas Internship

The Japan Hotel School provides full supports for students’ dream of entering the international world of hospitality. After graduation, there are several opportunities for our new graduates to become a truly internationalized hotel person by working or studying overseas. We offer four training programs supported by international hotels and corporations. They will be able to work as an intern at a four-star hotel in Switzerland; at Shangri-la hotels in Malaysia and Philippines; at The Bellevue Resort in Philippines. These internships can get allowances and experiences working in the overseas.

Number of graduates completing Internship training;
Switzerland(114), Shangri-la Hotels in Malaysia and Philippines(34), The Bellevue Resort in Philipppines(6), The United States of America(366), The Walt Disney World Company(71), Intercontinental Hotel Shanghai in China(4) as of March 2018. Including Internship programs that are finished.