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Internship program

Based on a principle of education at The Japan Hotel School (JHS), to create professional service by integrating knowledge and practical experience, JHS conducts On-the-job training (OJT) Program with the cooperation of about 30 major hotels and bridal Facilities around the Tokyo metropolitan area. Students are sent to these hotels and bridal facilities for three on-the-job training sessions, eight weeks per session, for a total of 24 weeks during the two-year program.

First session is determined as an orientation Program. Participants become completely familiar with the overall flow of hotel operations, and get a sense of the hotel’s surroundings and atmosphere. Students have experience Second Training session as a basic education of on-the-job training. Students understand the outline of hotel operations and comprehend the basic responsibilities of the assigned post. Third Training session is determined as an applied Education. Students are now trained to carry out operations in the areas of restaurants, rooms, and banquets under their own initiative. Students try to reflect 24 weeks over two years in on-site training and Integrate theory with practice, which is one of the JHS’s principles of education.