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In 1977 the JHS Alumni Association was founded to develop a communication between graduates and school, and to promote friendship among graduates. Every five years a big gathering has been hold, commemorating the school anniversaries.

In 1986 the Junior Owner’s Association was founded for young owners who manage hotels, restaurants and others to exchange views and help each other.

In 1996 the Alumni College was started to have opportunities for their study after graduation under the principle; ‘Tri-unity of Working, Learning and Playing for our Better Life’. Three times a year it is held in the northern, the central and the western parts of Japan, and the college has been opened for graduates.

In 2001 the Alumni Station started for sharing an information on website where they can see information any time such as recruiting by the hospitality industry in Japan, abroad, or school events.

In 2006 the Sommelier Club started with 35 qualified Sommeliers of graduates and with those who have interests in this field to deepen and widen technical and managerial knowledge on Food and Beverage, restaurant management, and to exchange views,.

The Golf Club was established on April 1, 2016 to deepen friendship between a wide range of graduates and faculty staff.

  • 1977 JHS Alumni Association
  • 1986 JHS Owner’s Association
  • 1996 JHS Alumni College
  • 2001 JHS Alumni Station
  • 2006 JHS Sommelier Club
  • 2016 JHS Golf Club

Directors, Auditors and Advisors

Chairman Mr. Nobuyuki Nakajima
Vice Chairman Mr. Giichi Akazawa
Mr. Toshihiko Tanaka
Mr. Osamu Kawabe
Auditor Mr. Masahiro Hozoji
Mr. Tetsuji Kikuno
Executive Advisor Mr. Tsutomu Ishizuka
Mr. Noboru Yamada
General Director Mr. Kenji Shimoda
Assistant Officer Mr. Tadamichi Kawakami
Mr. Takashi Ishizuka
Chairman Directors: 230 (selected one from each class)


  1. to publish a newsletter ‘ JHS Tayori’ three or four times a year
  2. to update the addresses and to make the directory of graduates every year
  3. to plan and have meeting-opportunities for the above mentioned Associations and the College

Headquarter and Branches throughout Japan

1.Headquarter Office

The JHS Alumni Association
c/o The Japan Hotel School
3-15-14 Higashi-nakano Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan 164-0003

2.Branches in Japan and Abroad

Branches in Japan
  1. Hokkaido Branch
  2. Tohoku Branch
  3. Kanto-Koshinetsu Branch
  4. Kansai Branch
  5. Chugoku Branch
  6. Shikoku Branch
  7. Kyushu Branch
  8. Okinawa Branch
Branches abroad
  1. Europe Branch (Paris)
  2. Swiss Branch (Montreux)
  3. Malaysia Branch (KL )
  4. Guam/Saipan Branch
  5. India Branch
  6. Korea Branch
  7. China Branch (Beijing)
  8. China Branch (Shanghai)
  9. China Branch (Macau)
  10. China Branch ( Hong Kong)
  11. Indonesia Branch
  12. Vietnam Branch
  13. Laos Branch
  14. Taiwan Branch
  15. Mongol Branch
  16. Singapore Branch
  17. USA Branch