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Mission Statement

At the Japan Hotel School, we seek to provide the best possible training for our graduates by combining classroom theory and knowledge with practical experiences in the industry. Our aim is to create a stimulating learning environment, where students learn the latest trends and technologies in the field of hospitality.

We give our graduates an international perspective through our partnerships with corporations and educational institutions throughout the world. We encourage our students to acquire a global service perspective based on courtesy and respect for all countries and cultures. We firmly believe that this international outlook will enable our students to contribute positively and significantly not only to Japanese society, but also to societies around the world.

Finally, it is with distinct pride that the Japan Hotel School fulfills its mission of providing Japan’s hospitality industry with a solid foundation for growth, through the contributions of our graduates and our future students. I sincerely hope that you choose one of our programs as the first step on your journey toward an exciting and challenging career in the hospitality industry.

Tsutomu Ishizuka
The Japan Hotel School