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The library in the 4th floor at the Japan Hotel School building, which contains books, videos and CD-Roms related to the hotel and tourism industries. The total of these books are more than 7,100 sources of information. The latest selection includes 112 new textbooks used in Hotel Studies courses at Cornell University, and 68 videotapes and 5 CD-Roms from the American Hotel and Motel Association (AH&MA). Contents include the followings:

1) Videotapes made by the Educational Institute American Hotel & Motel Association

(1) Guest Service

Delivering Quality Guest Service・Managing Quality Guest Service・Telephone Skills, Basics and Beyond・ADA: Communication and Service Skills・ Welcome to Hospitality! Check Into Your Future・ Improving Communication Skills・ Hosting International Guests・ 10-Minute Trainer: Guest Service

(2) Housekeeping

World Trainer: Guestroom & Bathroom Cleaning World Trainer: Floor Care World Trainer: House person・ World Trainer: Laundry・ World Trainer: Extended Stay Guestroom Cleaning・ Housekeeping: Deep Cleaning・ Housekeeping: Quality Guestroom Cleaning・Housekeeping: Safety and Security・ Housekeeping: Laundry Operations・ Housekeeping: Communications & Motivation・ 10-Minute Trainer: Housekeeping

(3) Front Office

Exceeding Guest Expectations・ Solving Guest Problems・ Suggestive Selling・ From Check-In to Check-Out・ Handling Reservations Properly・ Providing Professional Bell Service・ Professional Courtesy Van Service・ 10-Minute Trainer: Front Office

(4) Security / Safety

World Trainer: Security Awareness・ Preventing Exposure to Pathogens・ Security Planning・ Employee Awareness and Problem Prevention・ Key Control and Guest Privacy Today・ Patrolling, Investigating, and Documenting・ Handling Disturbances・ Planning for Emergencies・ Safety and Security: Everyone’s Job・ 10-Minute Trainer: Security・ 10-Minute Trainer: Safety

(5) Maintenance / Engineering

Curb Appeal: Creating Great First Impressions・ Quality Guestroom Maintenance

(6) Food & Beverage

World Trainer: Ware washing・ World Trainer: Bus Person・ Food and Beverage Quality Service Skills (I and II)・ Food and Beverage Suggestive Selling・ Room Service・ Better Banquets: Basic Service Skills・ Episodes in Kitchen Safety・ Food Safety the HACCP Way

(7) Human Resources

Recruiting & Interviewing・ Retention & Motivation・ Discipline Today: A Positive Approach・ Performance Appraisal and Coaching・ Firing: The Right Way・ ADA: The Hiring Process・ Personal Grooming・ Train the Trainer: Preparing for Training・ Train the Trainer: Leading Group Training・ Train the Trainer: Conducting One-on-One Training

(8) Sales & Marketing

Hospitality Sales: Preparing for the Sale・ Hospitality Sales: Making the Sales Call・ Hospitality Sales: Overcoming Objections・ Hospitality Sales: Closing the Sale・ Sales & Tips for Small economy Properties・ Yield Management

(9) General Management

Teamwork: Increasing Productivity・ Delegation ・ From Tension to Teamwork

(10) and others